Display Boxes

You can buy a box with -or withOUT - figures. There is no discount on figure prices if figures are bought with box.

Boxed Battle Group One, British Infantry

Note: Figures here are shown with non-standard painted accents such as shako plates, plumes, hat bands, etc.. These accents are available for all figures at $1 extra per figure.

ABOVE: A 10-figure Collector/Display Box. ($15 without figures)
In this case, the figures are British Infantry.

Below, same as above except the figures are have been set loose.

BELOW: A Double-level 10-figure box ($28), this one contains Sailors, British Marines, and Officers.
(Note that British and American sailors look almost the same; they use two slightly different blues.)

Below is shown the back of the box, which has little design but does have a nice lable.

Below is the abstract design of the box without insert trays.