Our Navy Swappables

You as a collector of historical figures likely knows that American and British sailors of the 1812 era looked virtually identical.
That said, we have two slightly different shades of blue available for sailor jacket nationalities.

To order, just email us with the SELECTION PAGE #, the PHOTO #, and the ITEM # for each item.
Make sure to notice if the item # does not show "sold".

Our Naval figures have evolved.
In the spring of 2013 we developed molds specifically for Sailor figures, and we settled on two new, different shades of blue for them.
Previous to this time, our sailor torsos were simply modified versions of our Army torsos, and we had only a single blue color.
Also, there were no "shirt torsos" as we now have. All our old-style sailor figures had blue jackets. Therefore we have "old-style sailors" and an "old color" for them.

Now, from 2014 on, the jacketed sailors are available in two blue shades;
the British sailors having a slightly darker shade, and the American sailors jackets being the same color as the US Infantry blue.

We have a LOT of possible sailor poses, reaching 100.
If you like the poses offered in the Infantry Battle Groups, you can have sailors or marines in these poses.

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American Marines (in Battle Group One poses);

Note that, while we do not show a photo of the US marines in Battle Groups Two and Three, they ARE avaiable. British Marines:
Battle Group One poses;

Battle Group Two poses;

Battle Group Three poses:

All figures available individually.