Officer Figures

Our Officer poses are many.
The only way to make heads or tails of it is to classify them;
Our Officer Poses fall into three categories; Battle, Direction, and Leisure

Below are nearly all of the Direction Poses ;
You see on top row, from left, we have;
1:Pointing forward w Telescope, 2:Pointing R w L Sword, 3:Beckoning w Pistol, 4:Halting w R Sword, 5:Overseeing w R Sword, 6:Pointing Right w Telescope, 7:Leading Formation with L Sword

Above you see, on the lower row, from left;
1:Pointing L w R Sword - Advancing, 2:Pointing L w R Sword - Action, 3:Beckoning Advance w L Sword, 4:Leading Advance w L Sword and Pistol, 5:Charging w L Sword and Pistol (isn't this more a Battle Pose?) 6:Beckoning Formation w L Sword