The Battle of Bladensburg; Page 4

Sailors and Marines Stun the Invaders

Commodore Barney's sailors and marines gave the British a whithering round of fire. This was significant but not so surprising. All the militia and regulars had done the same - once . The British noticed that this fire sent their way, both by muskets and naval guns, was not the nervous, unaimed panic-fire they had received earlier. These men had aimed, fired, and remained in position. They reloaded and fired again .

The British quickly conferred among themselves and knew this new situation could not let them dawdle, nor do the same as they had been doing; sweeping away running men. Now the British had to truly fight. They needed a short huddle. Meanwhile Com. Barney's men were laying it on thick.

For now, the British plan was to stand strong and fire from closed ranks, reload, and fire again.