HTF Trees and Foliage

On left in Britains Oak with new HTF leaf boughs!
Right now, we only have the Leaf Boughs available, but soon other parts of the HTF tree will be available.
Also, the base and branches will be interchangable with the Britians Oak, so you can fix up those incomplete models.
Further, HTF will offer other bough sizes and types (like the Poplar), and even FALL COLORS!

The HTF Leaf Boughs are made of soft plastic, not the rubber that most (but not all!) Britains Oak boughs were made of. This and their closed-leaf look (more realistic) makes them slightly heavier, but your tree will still stand if you turn the most distant boughs sideways or towards the trunk.

These shown are our largest boughs. Smaller ones are on the way.

The HTF tree will be slightly taller and the base slightly more stable than the Britains Oak.

Shown also are the HTF Grassline (one in straw color) and HTF bush. Later we will offer an HTF Corn Row in both green and fall tan.

At right you see the HTF tree boughs in yellow (on a Britains Oak tree).

The normal pack of boughs for a Britians Oak tree is composed of 24 pieces; 12 large boughs, 7 medium boughs, and 5 small boughs. Cost is $15

Below you see our HTF boughs in ORANGE.

HTF's third and last color is the Burgundy (shown at right)

The HTF tree itself is still in the process of being made.

As you see below, the HTF boughs also fit the Britains Cedar Tree.
The HTF tree BASE is already available, and of course fits Britians.
It is shown in yellow on this copy of a Britians Cedar.

You can also use the HTF boughs on Dulcop and Timpo small trees!

So now with HTF boughs, you can enjoy Autumn all year 'round!

Below you see two photos of the new HTF Tree Stumps. Only $1 each!

Notice the tree branches - those are HTF Branches (except top). The tree trunk is still in development.