WW1 Germans

Unfortunately, there are only a few German figures left. Pick out a pose and we can see if
it can be completed. You can get either normal Multi-color or special Mono-color style.
It is unknown if any more German figures will be produced.

Below are shown the main standard poses for the HTF German Swappables.

These are the Color-Style figures, with various parts made in appropriate colors.

The WW1 German Infantry Swappables have the same joints as other HTF Swappables; waist, neck, shoulders and wrists, and due to better technology than in previous molds, these figures' joints fit more reliably.
They are 1/32 scale, of course.

Above is a photo of the mono-color figures. Poses are available in either style.

Above is a stretcher team.

The photos show there are several head types options; plain, with beard, with gas mask, fatigue cap, and officer's hat.

There are 3 different torso types; Plain, Kit-with-cartridge belts, and Cartridge/Kit with Full Pack.

Field equipment is added onto the legpairs as belt items by drilling a hole and plugging in the item.
The four belt items are: Gasmask bag, Haversack, canteen, and bayonet/entrenching tool