WW1 Germans

These are the first line of Swappables HTF ever made.

While our other lines of Swappables are plastic, these are a hybrid of plastic and resin. Originally these were all resin, but some parts were then made in soft plastic.

These part resin, part plastic hybrids have been painted a uniform color to fit in with the Reissue Marx World War French we had molded in the original-like powder blue. Altho the French were ordinary, solid piece figures and these Swappables are fully posable, they look good together.

These WW1 German Infantry Swappables have the same joints as other Swappables; waist, neck, shoulders and wrists. They are 1/32 scale, of course.

Set of Poses #1

You see the soft-plastic parts set next to the complete fiugres.

All these German figures were sold out as of 2014, but we anticipate having the new issue available late in 2016.

The new issue Germans will look almost exactly as you see here (perhaps a bit better) and in various colors, altho' WW1 was not exactly colorful.
We hope to also make British and French afterward.

The photo shows there are several head types; plain, with beard, with gas mask, fatigue cap, and officer's hat.

There are different torso types; Plain with buttons, with kit and cartridge belts, and with full pack.

There are four different leg pairs; standing, walking, crouching, and kneeling. These come in plain or "with equipment" styles.

Set of Poses #2

The above photos shows only 3 poses; Marching, Standing Shoot, and Action Shoot.

Set of Poses #3

Set of Poses #4

Fatigue and Officer figures.