What Can I Buy? What is Available?

You can buy the Swappables just about any way you need.
  • Individual figures.
  • Sets of figures (from four to ten figures in a set, depending on set).
  • Set of figures in a display box (or just the box if you already have the figures!)
  • Individual parts (for figures you already have that you want to modify).
  • Self-finish figures or parts that you paint and/or trim, and assemble.
We have so many parts, poses, and options - that it just becomes overwhelming to new customers!
We've cut it down and simplified it by having "standard poses" and "sets" for easy ordering.
When you get used to the myriad of options, you'll find how easy it is.

New customers; just email us and tell what you are interested in.
We don't have pro forma ordering because of the hundreds of options.
Ordering standard sets is easy. Just write (for example)
"I want an 1812 Battlegroup 2, US."
"I want a boxed set of Great Helm knights"

For however many figures there are in a set, you multiply that by the cost per figure-type
Individual figures come in their own resealable clear bag so that parts don't get swapped before YOU are ready to do the swapping.