HTF World War One Toys

HTF used to offer resin German Infantry figures
You can see them here: WW1 German Infantry Page.

We hope to make other armies; French first, then British.

Here is our REVISED (since 2002) HTF Renault FT-17 Tank.

MADE IN USA! (ALL parts AND assembly). Who else can say that?

Many years ago, HTF offered our First Version Renault Tank. It had inaccurate silicone tracks which were the best we could do at the time.
HTF felt it was better to issue a less than desirable product than no tank at all.

Now, many years later, HTF has produced this 2015 version of the Renault. This version has real-working, accurate looking tracks.
Also this version is mostly soft plastic. Only the body is still wooden, and the gun-barrel (on the Char Cannon version) is still aluminum.
The axles are still metal (there is an inaccurate but toy-necessary front axle).
But this version's gun ELEVATES.

The HTF Renault Tank costs $65 assembled.
We are hoping to offer a kit of parts for only $35 in the future.

We hope to also add 3 more items to the Tank; a side tool box, a side fuel tank, and a rear Trench Rack.
These items, as ANY, will be available separately, and at a discount to those who already purchased a tank. The next addition to this theme is hoped to be German infantry. No point in making predictions or promises beyond that, but British and French Infantry are hoped for.